Press Release - 2009

Energetic Dance From India Meets San Francisco Nightlife

Aug 07, 2009 - Raas, a festive West Indian folk dance, is well known by its audience as a religious, traditional dance performed at weddings and in the fall during Navaratri, the 'festival of nine nights.' Insert full bar and Bollywood music infused with techno at an art gallery venue, and Raas for a Cause is born.

On August 7th, 2009 a diverse crowd will gather for the first Raas for a Cause event – a Raas event with a slight makeover. There will be an hour of Raas lessons (instead of prayer), a Disc Jockey playing Black Eyed Peas (instead of Falguni Pathak), and patrons 21 and over only (instead of entire families). Rakhi Patel, Raas for a Cause Founder, hopes to expose the energetic, interactive crowd to her passion to support underprivileged children around the world through dance.

Proceeds will benefit Vibha and Emergency Housing Consortium, charities dedicated to helping underprivileged children around the world. “Vibha is dedicated to the cause of helping educate and develop underprivileged children both in India and the US, and we are delighted to find common cause with Rakhi Patel who wants to do the same. Raas for a Cause is all about getting people to connect, learn about different cultures, have fun and help a worthy cause”, says Mukesh Mirchandani, Director Fund Raising, Vibha North America.

To learn more about Raas, the benefitting charities, and to buy tickets, visit


About Raas for a Cause:

Raas for a Cause is an organization dedicated to providing open minded individuals with social stimulation while raising funds for organizations specializing in development for underprivileged youth. Staffed by talented volunteers with demanding day jobs, Raas for a Cause strives to put on classy Raas events – events that expose an interactive Indian folk dance into the mainstream.

What is Raas? A festive dance originating in Gujarat, India, Raas is an energetic dance style performed with sticks, called Dandiyas. Raas is not only easy to learn, it is intoxicating. Meet new people as you change partners every few seconds. Move to amazing beats. Add your own style. You'll be left breathless and energized...And if you're not the dancing type, not to worry - simply watching others get into the music is mesmerizing.

Experience Raas for yourself.

Join us in San Francisco on August 7th, 2009 for the first Raas for a Cause event in San Francisco.