Save the world, one dandiya at a time.

Raas for a Cause is a fresh, new, organization with two goals in mind:

  • Provide open minded individuals with the social stimulation they crave.
  • Raise funds for organizations specializing in development for troubled and underprivileged youth, both in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.

What is Raas?

A festive dance originating in Gujarat, India, Raas is an energetic dance style performed with sticks, called Dandiyas. Raas is not only easy to learn, it is intoxicating. Meet new people as you change partners every few seconds. Move to amazing beats. Add your own style. You'll be left breathless and energized...And if you're not the dancing type, not to worry - simply watching others get into the music is mesmerizing.

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The Backbone of Raas for a Cause

Staffed by talented volunteers with spectacular talents and demanding day jobs, Raas for a Cause is honored to have support from these extraordinary people. Without them, Raas for a Cause would not be possible...

Interested in volunteering for the 2010 event? Email us at and we'll let you know if we have any openings. Volunteer opportunities will close on August 20th, 2010.

A Few Words From Our Volunteers

"I enjoy volunteering because is good for the heart while it is good for helping others. Volunteering with Raas for a Cause is a unique experience as it also allows us to share some of our Indian Culture right here in the Bay Area."
- Sonali Dewan, R4C 2009 Volunteer

"Raas for a Cause is an that exposes a part of Indian culture to society while raising funds for an organization to help the less fortunate. Being a volunteer was an honor and a memorable experience. It's always a wonderful feeing to be able to work with a close friend while helping others."
- Smruti Patel, R4C 2009 Volunteer

"So much fun! Mix and mingle with appetizers and drinks - check. Learn how to dandiya - check. Dance the night away - check. Feel awesome for donating to great charities while doing all of the above - check! Can't wait for the next one! :)"
~Gopi~, R4C 2009 Volunteer

"I'm a law student who loves to help others. Rakhi came to me wanting to throw a spectacular event to help educate children in india and as a former fundraiser how could I say no! she's a spectacular woman dedicated to helping those in need."
- Chandani Patel, R4C 2009 Volunteer

"Raas for a cause was a great way to do two things at once...Teach others about a fun cultural tradition while raising money for those in need!"
- Smita Patel, R4C 2009 Volunteer



Rakhi Patel, Founder

Rakhi Patel

Growing up as a first generation Gujarati girl in San Jose, California, Navaratri festivals were a major part of my life. I remember going to Garba/Raas events at the local high school gymnasium with my family, completely mesmerized by Raas specifically. I could dance all night long barefoot (as the dance is traditionally done) - and I did. I later joined dance groups and even won first place in a Raas competition in the 10th grade with the Charitable Care Foundation.

Fast forward – I am now an avid marketer in the Silicon Valley, with over 10 years of experience in web and product marketing and a proud graduate of Santa Clara University, Class of 2000 (Go Broncos!)

As demanding as life can be in the Silicon Valley, I have always lived a life that involved service. I still volunteer once a week at the Emergency Housing Consortium tutoring underprivileged children. My spirit is filled with wanting to make a better life for every child in the world.

And now we have, Raas for a Cause.

R4C 2009 was a personal test that I am so proud of - and I have many volunteers to thank for their unconditional efforts - Jason, Neha, Varun, Chandani, Nicole, Kara, Ray, Smita, Prakash, Pankil, Avaneesh, Vikram, Sonali, Gopi, Michelle and Sonny from 111 Minna - just to name a very few! All of you were so amazing to donate your talents and time to make last year's event an extraordinary success.

This year, I especially want to thank Jason and Jaythan for giving me the courage and inspiration to launch R4C 2010. And, I look forward to working with Hope of Mother to help children in Afghanistan while continuing to help the Emergency Housing Consortium here in our own backyard.

Thank you and see you on August 26th!